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I created this site to make my presence known and share my thoughts and ideas with the public to inform and change how people think about our current culture. Not only that, but to share a significant piece of my life with my public followers and readers.

Vision: I created this website to keep people inform about my life’s adventures, foods, travel, and interesting historical research to be informed readers and impact others in positive ways.


  • Successfully manage and build a successful website that would reach many readers.
  • Interact with my followers and readers on a personal level to Foster a community of like-minded audiences.

Strategic Goals:

  • Add additional webpages with carefully managed and created contents to share with my followers to view, inform, and use. For example, recipes, technology tutorials, and or reviews on foods.
  • To curate and create meaningful contents about my adventures in forms of blogs and webpages.
  • To create blogs and or webpages on a weekly basis.