Albert Schultz



I tested the DJI Spark Drone’s selfie capabilities and this was the result.

Bio: Hey everyone, I was raised in North Dakota and I have been used to the cold and the hot weather during high seasons. People say that I am very friendly, kind, and pathetic, and outgoing. I created this website so I can make my presence known. My goal is to inform my readers about significant parts of my life, interesting articles, and reviews.


Hobbies: My all-time favorite pastime is, playing strategy games. I enjoy strategy games because it keeps my mind sharp and active; especially in mission-critical situations that require fast and meaningful decisions. My favorite strategy games are; Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and fill in the blank sentences. My other hobby is bowling. I enjoy bowling because I get to see how well I bowl against my fellow peers. Even though bowling is fun, connecting with others and building great friendships is the most important to me. My next hobby is, working out at the gym. I enjoy working out because it keeps my body in shape along with my cardiovascular system as well. It what keeps me going during the day. Lastly, I enjoy reading various tech articles to keep me informed about current technology that will be released into the public arena. I also learned a lot about politics and how technology plays an essential role in our world’s politics today.

TV Shows: My all-time favorite TV show is; the Ozark on Netflix. It is a problem and crime scene orientated show that causes people to think on who and when the crime was committed and by what motives on why they committed money laundering. My other favorite TV show is; the Expanse. The Expanse is about the smuggler (protagonists) who were trying to get by in space to solve various issues that their government was having.

Personality: People who have known me knows that I am a calm and a strategist. They also know that I am friendly and empathize towards others. They know me as a leader, who leads with confidence and with actions.